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Experts look at proposition for underpass at Mind Space

Experts look at proposition for underpass at Mind Space

Different recommendations and plans around a flyover and underpass at Mind Space intersection, proposed to be developed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, covering the proposed Metro Rail station at Raidurg were inspected by all partners at a survey meeting held here on Monday.

Special Chief Secretary, Municipal Administration and Urban Development, M.G. Gopal led the meeting went to by authorities of the GHMC, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd, auxiliary designing specialists and experts.

Managing Director of HMRL N.V.S. Reddy requested that every one of the partners look at every others’ recommendations with the goal that they could land at an in fact possible arrangement on the proposed structures of GHMC and Metro Rail so that both the works could be executed in a period bound way.

He asked for the GHMC to set up the tempest water channel arrangement for VUP (Vehicular Under Pass) following the zone did not have normal tempest water channel framework.

He clarified that the underpass would get overflowed and influence the Metro Rail column establishments amid downpours, if legitimate channel framework was not grew at the same time.

M.S. Madhav, resigned Professor of IIT Kanpur, who was welcomed uncommonly to give his specialized supposition, proposed finish of impacting of the stone for the underpass before taking up Metro rail column establishments.

Column establishments

The column establishments of the Metro Rail were extremely delicate to vibrations and any settlement would have falling impact on rail track and operations of trains, he felt.

Further, he instructed that the bearing limit concerning soil ought to be appropriately distributed and shared wherever coordinated development of the underpass and Metro Rail would be taken up. Unique consideration was required to be given to the underpass box extent, he noted.

Another extraordinary invitee, K.V.L. Subramaniam of IIT Hyderabad, said Metro Rail structure on single column was exceptionally delicate to vibrations and it would require a considerable measure of consideration amid development of the underpass to guarantee that the structure was not influenced because of any outside impacts. He too proposed that aggregate impacting operation and rock cutting in the stretch ought to be finished before taking up any Metro Rail development movement.

Prior, Project Director of L&T-MRHL M.P Naidu made a point by point presentation on various steps included in development of Metro Rail station at Raidurg and the time required for every action. The Special Chief Secretary trained that a joint working gathering including agents of L&T-MRHL, GHMC and HMRL ought to meet routinely under the direction of specialized specialists for finishing the chips away at time.

Chief of GHMC B. Janardhan Reddy, Chief Engineer (Projects) of GHMC Imtiaz Ahmed, CE of HMRL Md. Ziauddin and other senior designing and specialized experts took an interest.



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