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Viaduct space will be given by HMR for sultan bazaar kiosks

Viaduct space will be given by HMR for sultan bazaar kiosks

The Sultan Bazaar Traders Association has hit an arrangement with Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) that will permit vendors to be suited beneath the Metro Rail viaduct in the region. The vendors were dissenting that they would have no spot for their stands after the Metro Rail comes up.

Affiliation president Kishan Yadav said that we clarified the outrage of the sellers and merchants to the HMR authorities. We were hoping to minimize the loss to all. There are 160 vendors in Sultan Bazaar and another 140 in Putlibowli and Badi Chowdi.

Mr Govind Rathi, director of Sultan Bazaar Traders Association said that we are not taking any attestation orally from HMR. There will be a legitimately composed record to conclude the seating for enlisted vendors. HMR authorities have additionally guaranteed to make a stage so that peddlers and customers are shielded from the movement.

General secretary C. Madhusudhan Rao said that why they had a meeting and HMR reacted in this way? In our meeting on November 29, we had made it clear that we need re-arrangement and Chief Minister; K. Chandrashekar Rao must remain by his words and secure Sultan Bazaar.

The number of seller at Sultan Bazaar is 263. He said that we had told the Hyderabad Metro Rail not converse with Mr Yadav and Mr Rathi as they don’t speak to us. In spite of that, there are these perceptions. We are the genuine affiliation and don’t put stock in this “arrangement” being offered to us. Our stand from the earliest starting point is that the Metro Rail must not go from here.

Hyderabad Metro Rail officers declined to remark on the subject.



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